Sunday, May 16, 2010

Brewer and Palin-Secure The Border

Racial profiling my the officers and protect our boarders.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Last night I spent a ridiculous amount of time taking the ASVAB. I was there at 5:30, waited with the others to move through the process of checking in, started the test at 6:30ish, finished around 9:20, and then stuck around until 9:40 to get my AFQT. 

While being surrounded by a lot of younger individuals, I was thinking about how much they really didn't know. You would not believe the questions that were asked when filling out the bubble sheet. LOL. I was amazed. I'm not sure if they were just slow or if it's a common thing for recent high school graduates. I don't remember being that way, but I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they were joining the Army.

Okay, so I have never been good with math...especially going into the test was going to be interesting. Most of the sub-tests were over things that I haven't studied since high school and for those of you counting...that was 10 years ago! I did try to brush up on everything before taking the test, but wasn't really sure what to expect. Here I am, 28, college graduate, starting my Masters and taking a test made for high schoolers. With all that, I expect myself to do well. Hello, college However, I am also 10 years out of high school and most of that information has been pushed out of my head by the information that I use daily. When was the last time that you had to factor an equation or figure out how long it took Jim to get to his house if he drove 50mph for 150 miles then 40 mph for 210? And don't get me started on King Phillip's Class Ordered the Family-sized Gino Special!

Well, I managed to score at 90 (AFQT). Now here's the thing, I was excited that I did so well. I did some studying before hand, but most of the stuff I haven't seen in 10+ years. Then I started thinking...uh, you should have done are in Graduate School! LOL! So my 90 means that I scored better than 90% of 18-23 year olds...hmmm....LOL! I'm glad that I did well, because I haven't seen that information in quite some time and it allows me the opportunity to pursue whatever AFSC I want and it also makes me feel smart again.

I'll find out my line scores sometime next week. That is when I'll know how well I did on each sub-section. I'm pretty confident that I will be quickly disqualified for any job related to mechanics (to include auto-shop) and electronics. Yeah, they were that bad. 

So I'm going to pack my study books back up and enjoy my Friday.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Here's What Happened Last Month on "Road to Rediscovery"

What I've learned about myself in the last month:

I am getting better at cooking: So with all the free time I have on my hands currently, that no job thing, I have been the one cooking dinner pretty much every night. I have my little list on the fridge with a menu for each day, which makes for easy referencing. With that, I have become much more aware of cooking times for different foods and much more experimental. I get so tired of eating the same meals weekly! While I am not a master of it yet, I have become quite good at having each dish cooked and ready at the same time. Nothing getting cold for the most part. Like I said, I'm still working at it, but it's so nice when everything comes together.

I love Glee: Okay, now I have known this since the series began...but...with the second season started, I am an even bigger fan! I look forward to Wednesdays when it's posted on Hulu for me to watch. Since we don't have TV, all the watching is done on the internet.

I need to loosen up a smidgen: Here I am at 28, with no kids and I feel like I'm chained to so much responsibility. Of course, as an adult you will have responsibilities, but nothing like how I feel. I married into a mountain of debt and because I HATE debt, I have been obsessed with it. It has been my goal for ever to get rid of it, but it has come at an even bigger happiness. I've been blaming Rob for us not getting to do all the things that we wanted was his debt and his irresponsibility that has us tied to it...and it's my responsibility to make sure we pay things off. Well, we have. We have done nothing, but pay off debt for the past year and I am exhausted. There is still so much further to go, so while my friends are going on amazing vacations and holidays are passing without seeing family...we are pushing to pay off this debt and I'm over it! Blah! It has and is causing resentment between Rob and own doing...and I need to remove that from our marriage. Don't get me wrong, I am not going to throw up my hands and walk away! I just need to bring more balance into it. I'm thinking we should make a point to schedule a vacation once a year...something big like a cruise or a 5 day stay somewhere either with friends and family or just the two of us. Also include a small trip to see family over a holiday weekend. I miss my family so much and would love to see friends more often. All part of getting back to me! A big part of me is travel....I love to travel and see knew places and I haven't done too much of that since we've been together and I am ready to change that!

I need a job: Yup, it's that time again and I need to find another job. Nothing has really opened up around here and while I hated my job as a police officer, I was making 40k a year. Granted, that really isn't a lot for what it involved; nevertheless, it was 40k a year. I am back looking for something else and it is not looking promising. I did just applied for a position with South University as a Library Asst. I am most excited about that even though I'm sure I'll be lucky to get 30k a year. I believe mostly it's about 26k. Eek! I also half heartedly applied for a position as a Forensic Tech position with VBPD. Also, starting out at 30,800k a year...still involves shift changes and so on...but a girl has to work. I am also in the process of checking out the Air Force Reserve. They have Historian positions available, which is right up my alley and would really benefit my career goals in the long run. It's not a definite thing yet; but it is something that I'm working on. I like the idea.

So many thoughts and ideas to work through and more keep coming, but it has been great getting to know myself better and really figuring out what I want. The way I see it...I need to start praying about everything and fearing nothing....Jesus will be back before I know it and I'm not missing the boat!