Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One a Month

So one entry a month...not too terrible. LOL...which you would think would be a lot more since I don't have a job and spend the day working around the house. Priorities, priorities, priorities.

I am currently waiting to hear back about a position that a friend suggested for me. I met Julie at the Women's Bible Study group on Wednesdays and it just so happened that she was the head of the Thursday night bible study that I joined as well! A foundation that she is involved with is looking for a new executive director and she thought I would be perfect for the position. Who am I to argue? There are 3 individuals up for the position and the President and Vice President of the board had an informational meeting with each of us (individually) on Thursday of last week. They spent the time telling me what they were expecting from the new ED and what the job entails. I gave them a quick run down of my qualifications and a resume for each. We are supposed to be hearing back about an "official" interview sometime this week and I was really hoping for the beginning since the current ED's last day is Friday. There is really nothing that I can do besides wait, so no need to bother with worrying. God knows my heart and knows my strengths and if this is where He wants me, then it's going to happen. When it does, I'm taking it and running!!

Last night I was looking through Rob's class schedule booklet and I came across a few classes that I would love to take. One is Greek Mythology (perfect for a future Archivist) and the other...well, all...of the classes on religion. I am so hungry to learn more about the Word that I am eager to enroll in all of the classes offered (!!), however, I am feeling more lead to the Survey of the Old Testament followed closely by New Testament and Early Christianity. They both would provide me with so much understand, so I don't believe I could possible go wrong with either. Being able to take any of these courses on top of my courses for my masters is another problem. Getting Rob to agree to it is probably the biggest hurdle, because he is eager for me to get started and finish as soon as possible. I would have to just take one masters course to accommodate the two "just for the fun of learning and personal growth" classes. Of course, there would be no way we could afford both masters class and two other courses. So we will have to see....

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