Saturday, September 4, 2010

Part 1

So as we all know the recession has took a major hit on the job market. Well, not so much here...mostly the employers are just far more selective, I supposed.

Since February I have applied for over 43 jobs...those are just the ones that I have written down. 28 of those where since April 1st. 13 since the the 23rd of August. must be thinking. Well, so was I. How is it possible that someone with a college degree and a license to kill people couldn't even get a job answering the phone at Geico? Oh how I wish I knew.
Now if I had been smart, I would have been documenting this whole process; however, I was feeling pretty low and the mere thought just didn't seem that appealing.

One of the best things that has come out of this last 5 months is the opportunity to really grow in the Word and my faith. I was able to get settled into my church, attend the Women's Conference with no scheduling conflicts and join two Bible Study groups one on Wednesday mornings and one Thursday nights. I have also met wonderful people through church and have actually finally started establishing friendships. Rob and I have lived here 3 years now and at 2 and a half years I was still without those Go To know the ones...the girls (or guys) that you can call at the last minute to go to the movies or grab lunch or just hang out with. It's been since Seattle that I had one of those and we only lived there a short time, so it's really been since Oklahoma since I had my Go To friends. Boy, it has been very detrimental to my psyche. It has been such a blessing to have these women in my life and knowing that they are fellow believers is oh so much better! I am so grateful for each of them. 

I have recently, within the last month and a half, started meeting with a mentor. Her name is Martha and God has blessed her with the gift of teaching. She loves the Word and is amazing at sharing it with others. She runs the Wednesday morning Bible study that I go to and I was really looking to go deeper and really get into it, so I asked one of the Pastors and he suggested Martha. She was so excited about it and it just really touched my heart. Since then we met every Thursday morning and I have never learned so much. God is doing amazing things for the both of us during that time. It is so awesome to see how far I've come in just the year that I have been working on rediscovering me and the fact that 85% of it has been within the last 5 months is crazy...and so much in the last two!!

God really does have a plan and maybe using these last 6 months of unemployment to strengthen and solidify my trust and love of Him were just that...His plan.

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