Sunday, September 5, 2010

Part 2

Following the lead of Part 1...I have applied for over 43 jobs since February of this year. Here is the story of how I finally got a job.

Last November, I started praying about a new direction and a new job. I have been praying ever since. During the time that passed between November and the beginning of January I had made the decision that I was going to pursue my Masters, as well as, it was time for me to leave the police department. I prayed and prayed and prayed about that and all I seemed to get was God telling me to wait. I was so unhappy and just hated life and honestly, I really didn't know if it was Him telling me to stay or something else. By the middle of March, with Rob's blessing, I put in my resignation. Come the end of the month, I would be unemployed if I didn't have something else. Of course, I thought that was ridiculous. Of course I would have something else. I was college educated and a certified police officer. Surely I was be able to get some office job. Besides, I had applied for an office position with the SS and a few other things that definitely would pan out.

Skip ahead to month 2 (May) of being unemployed: Julie, a friend from church, told me about a position that was opening up and her husband was the president of the board. Certainly, this one would pan out. As the time passed the more and more sure I was that the job was mine and God's plan was for me to work there. Decent pay, able to make my own hours, and raising money/planning parties, etc...the same things that I did in the sorority. Wouldn't you know, it took until the middle of July to finally get the board rolling on that. I had my first interview, then it was time for the second. Come to find out, they had to post it in the paper and after 30 applicants, they were having the top 3 return. Well, that was the best interview that I have ever had. I have never felt more comfortable and at ease. It was simply a great interview. Leaving there, I knew that God had to be working with this. It was mine...we were good to go.

The next more, I received my rejection call. :o( I was bet out by a woman who was already employed, making over 6 figures at her job, to take this position making 30K. Blah, but apparently it was incredibly close and I was told that if this woman did as she said she was going to and bring in the money that she was promising that they wanted to hire me too. It was be a few months at best, I was told. It was a nice rejection call and I knew that they really had to do what they thought was best for the organization, but boy was I crushed. I had put everything on that one job. While I was still applying and such, I was so positive that I was going to get that job. All my hope and faith that God had a plan was crushed. Even though there was a part of me that knew He was still going to take care of us...I just wasn't sure what I was going to do. I was too devastated to really know what else to do.

As I'm sure you can imagine the disappointment of being unable to get an interview...let alone a job...while being a college graduate and certified police officer. I was definitely dipping my toe in the sea of depression and my self-esteem was pretty much non-existent. It finally came down to a big crying out session with God Himself. Let me first say that it is not something I am proud of and find myself to be a bit foolish even...but there is that part of me that sees it as something that needed to be done. I needed to be honest with Him...not that He didn't already know what I was feeling...and it's okay to cry out to Him. Sometimes that's what you really really let Him know that you are depending on Him.

So this past Tuesday, I had hit my limit. I told Him everything, from me praying for His direction to my frustration at where I was at. I told Him that I have been waiting for Him to tell me where to go and to point me in the direction of where He wanted me and all I was getting was silent. I told Him that if He was telling me, I couldn't hear Him and He needed to speak try something us. I want to do His will and follow His plan for me, but I couldn't do it if I couldn't hear Him. I told Him that I was angry and hurt and I needed to hear from Him (pretty much asap without actually saying that, but it was sure how I was feeling).

The next morning, I was determined to go check on my job application at Pier 1. One Monday, I had went around to the local stores in the area and started putting in applications at the places that were hiring. Pier 1 just happened to be. :o) So I was up early since I wanted to get it down before going to Bible study and wouldn't you know, they were closed when I got there. I went on to the church, but as soon as it was over, I headed back to the store. I spoke with the manager and found out that they were hiring for a position to cover 12-20 hours a week. Not exactly what I was hoping for, but at that point all I was thinking was that a job was a job and any money coming in was a benefit and there was always the option of getting more hours or another part time job. She had me come back at 3 for an interview and she offered me the job at the end of it! She said that she liked me and I think that there is definite potential to move up.

So there you have it folks...I am employed. I work for Pier 1 and I am so grateful to God for having mercy on me and answering my pleas. This position has potential and I felt like He has me here to start over. To rebuild my work ethic and work history. To really improve on myself and teach me lessons that I need to be taught. With all the changes that have been made by the Potter's hand over the last year, I am in need of a place to use them and really continue to grow.

What else is new??? Check back for Part 3.


  1. Congratulations on your new job! I left my job at the end of May and have been working part time since then but now that job is done too. It's really frustrating to call and email so many people and never hear ANYTHING back. I'm sure you can relate!

  2. Congrats on the job! I can so relate to your whole post, as I've been going through pretty much the same thing.