Saturday, November 28, 2009

And now it starts again...

So I finally finished bringing my old blog from xanga over here. There was no way to import it, since xanga uses RSS and only for the last few entries. I had to copy and paste everything to a word document and then transfer it in to an entry. Then I went through and reformatted everything. It still didn't turn out exactly right, but it will do.

I was surprised at the feeling of accomplishment that I had once I finished it though. It was as if the writer's block that I had was removed once I put all that here. I was able to go back and read all those old posts to see how I used to put things into words. It provided me the opportunity to reconnect with some of those feelings; mostly, the feeling of friendship. Those two years were rollercoasters, but I always had good friends to share them with. They were always there to brighten my day by laughing at whatever hardship I was having and to enjoy the good times. I miss that. I miss my friends and everything they each offered into my life.

So in the spirit of thanks...I thank each and everyone of you, my friends, for the many gifts your friendship have giving me. From dancing at Scooters, cherry bombs at Gerts, tattoos, Applebees, shells & cheese to road trips, photos, church and relationship talk...thank you. You are all in my heart and I treasure every memory.

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