Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 09

So today concludes my Thanksgiving break...5 days off feels so great and it's depressing to have it end.

My new in-laws drove up from Georgia to spend the holiday with us. I always love having them around. Jennifer, my [step]mother-in-law, is such a blessing. Being a stepmom too, she understands my frustrations and is so willing to let me vent about the ex and the situation. She is also so much fun to have around and just to chat with. I think that's what I miss most about not being in Oklahoma anymore. I miss just hanging out with the girls and talking about nothing. While I tell myself that I need to give my girls a call, I often don't. So it's great when I get to spend time with Jennifer.

Bob's, father-in-law, company is good for Rob too. They think so much alike and have similar interests. Rob, I think, really misses having good friends around also. Having his dad here gives him the opportunity to debate and discuss things that I have little knowledge and interest in.

Then there is Becky, my sister-in-law. LOL! She is actually more like my younger sister than anything else. She just turned 19 and started college. She is the typical teenager and even though we don't speak often (she's usually online, listening to her iPod, and watching tv) I think as she continues to grow up, we are going to be good friends and I look forward to that.

I am so thankful that of all the things that couples fight about, family is not going to be one of them for Rob and I. I adore his parents...including his bio mom.

During their stay, Bob and Rob fixed the fence and siding that was damaged during the Nor'easter that came through on the 15th of November. Rob enjoys working on projects like that with his dad and it's good male bonding time. Jennifer and I cooked the turkey and...well...pretty much the entire Thanksgiving dinner. Rob did make mashed potatoes. :o) After dinner, everyone sat down to play the Ultimate game of Monopoly. Rob and Becky love playing and always have this competition thing going on. Who will beat who and whatever. I'm not a big conquerer of things, so that game isn't fun for me...unless I'm just paying with someone who doesn't play to dominate everyone else. Granted that is the game, but that's not fun. :o)

Black Friday had Jennifer, Becky, and Rob out of the house at 0320. I was not willing to get up and go shopping that early in the morning. It's not fun for me, so I slept in and spend the morning with Bob. After hitting like 6 stores, they finally came home around noon. Boy, there were bags everywhere! And of course, they were all exhausted, especially Becky...who didn't go to sleep the night before.

Other than that, the rest of the time was spent eating leftovers and hanging out. Their last night here we went to the Botanical Gardens to see the lights and sat out on the porch with the fire going to share stories. S'mores were attempted, however, it was so cold out that the chocolate was like a rock! I believe we all had two and called it good. The around 2300 we were all hungry for something other than turkey, therefore, we ordered some pizza.

They ended up leaving around 0430 on Sunday, which I missed because I was sound asleep and they didn't wake us. Instead they left a note. Either way, it was a wonderful holiday and great company. I am sad that they are gone and that they live so far away as I'm sure Rob is too. The house feels much emptier without them. Who knows, maybe one day soon we'll pack up and move closer...closer to them or closer to my family...closer to someone.

Oh, one thing I did forget to say is that on Saturday night Jack bit Rob. Jack, the cat, is always stressed out when we have company especially when Bob & them bring their dog, Belle. He was on edge the whole trip and on Saturday night while he was sleeping, Rob decided to pet him. That's not unusual and normally Jack is good to go. This time, he was so scared that he bit Rob's hand. He was literally hanging from his hand. Cat bites are dangerous because of the saliva, so Rob soaked it in Alcohol and Peroxide. He bandaged it and headed to the urgent care facility Sunday morning. He had to get a T shot and is on an antibiotic. He'll need to go back tomorrow for a check up. It's imperative that he keeps it clean and watches for infection. Luckily, Jack is an indoor cat and comes in contact with no other animals. There is no chance of rabies or anything like that. I'm just glad that it was Rob and not Becky or something. Rob knows Jack and knows that it was out of fear...whereas, Becky doesn't know him and might develop a fear of him. Everyone is good it's a-okay!

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  1. oh i am so very excited to have a blog to check in on you with! :) It makes me feel like you are that much closer to me!