Monday, January 18, 2010

Only Thursday

My week is slowly, and I mean snail pace slowly, moving along. I can't believe that I am only on "Thursday" of my work week. Weeks like this drain me. Every fiber of my being is dry and cracked, however, I am encouraged. Yesterday the wind that blew through the windows of my patrol car were pleasant. The air smelled fresh and the rain only came sporadically. I prayed fiercely yesterday before work, asking God to show me His path and making the resolve to go to work and be the best officer that God made Jonique to be. I told myself that I was doing God's work and until He was ready for me to move on that I had to do my "chore" as best as possible. It did work. I had a sense of peace throughout the shift.

Today I sit with the same feelings of dread heavy on my heart. I am trying to comfort myself with the knowledge that soon my "weekend" will be here and that it will be 4 days, since I took two extra days off. I will pray and make the same resolve as yesterday. Setting out on my assignment once again. 

I long for the call from the HR of pending applications to setup an interview, but until that happens...I will soldier on.

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