Sunday, February 21, 2010

From Escapin' to Explorin'

It's official. We sold my Escape. :o(

I bought that vehicle in 2004 brand new...right after I received my insurance money from my car accident. So many many adventures.

It was the vehicle Amy and I used to go to New Orleans. It was the vehicle Danyel, Jennifer Jones, and I used to go to New Orleans before Katrina hit. It was the vehicle that Amy, Jennifer, and I used to go to Sedona for Spring Break...the best ever! It was the vehicle that I drove cross country when I moved to Tacoma, WA from Oklahoma to start my life with Rob. It was my freedom. My chance to see the world...well, the US anyway. It was mine and no one else had any claim to it.

Back in early fall between August and October (don't really remember), it broke down on the way home from work. I made it 15 mins from home. I stopped at a stoplight and then went to turn right. As soon as I tried to accelerate it made the worse something was trapped and hitting my engine. Rob was out of town, so I ended up calling a guy friend from work. He met me at the corner and between several walks to and from the auto parts store, we discovered that a spark plug had come out...yeah, doesn't happen very often. We put it back in and used electrical tape to hold it in place until I got home. Once Rob made it home, he used plastic putty to secure it.

Well, in January it happened again! Of course, while coming home from work...this time in the ghetto. Well, that is where I work after all. It was Spark Plug #6. Last time #3. Basically, what was happening was the metal was failing and the spark plug was shooting out hitting the pistols. Since it was in the back, we had to have a mechanic deal with it. $600 was fixed.

Then about 3 weeks ago the idol started revving up on its own while in park. That was Rob's last straw. He did not find it reliable anymore and I was beginning to worry myself. So his boss, knowing about our budget, offered to sell us his 2002 Ford Explorer for $1500. As hard as it was, I agreed to go through with it. Rob took the Escape to Car Max, who offered us $5000 for it. We sold it and bought the Explorer.

In turn, we put about $1500 into the Explorer for new tires, filters, belts, and so on. It's a nice vehicle and still in good shape, however, you can tell that someone was a bad smoker. Cigarette burns everywhere! Luckily, Rob cleaned it so well it doesn't have any smoke smell.

We put $4500 toward our debt and overall...I'm glad we did it. I know that I was too attached and God was letting me know. Plus, it was a great way to pay down some debt...which the Lord was also showing us. I'm going to miss that vehicle, but I still have the memories. I'll be one of those people reminiscing with friends with lines such as, "hey, remember that drive to Sedona in the Escape..."

Like Rob says...I'm no longer escaping life, I'm exploring it. I think he's probably right.

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  1. I absolutely love that metaphor --- and way to go on making a change in your life. Releasing (people, stuff) can be difficult, especially when so many of life's memories are wrapped up in them, but when we release the old, we get the new, and often it's a better fit than we could have imagined.

    Here's to exploring life --- on YOUR terms, at your speed, and in eternal comfort!