Monday, February 1, 2010

Month Number 2, Here We Come

Wow, I can't believe it is already February! How exciting. January passed so quick, I hope I didn't miss anything. What a month is was too.

Rob's good friend and fellow AF EOD moved down here from Seattle. Rob's company was hiring and she needed a job. She's been staying with us since the 17th of January. We got her all set up with the Total Money Makeover and she should be out of debt by the end of this year!! She found a place about 5 miles from work and is getting settled in tonight. Yesterday, they found that the pipes cracked during the big snow storm that came in on Saturday morning.

Those last two were taken when I was starting my car to held off to work on Sunday. I had to work through the entire storm and it was less than fun! As you can see, Rob's truck was not moved the entire time. All the snow on mine is just from Saturday afternoon and evening. Quite a difference!

Anyway, we celebrated both Kristie (Jan. 23) and Rob's (Jan. 25) birthday with some friends of ours at Outback on Rob's B-day. Rob loves that place and it was nice to have everyone together.

He was in Vegas from the 19-23 and then he left again on the 26th for New Jersey. Kristie and I spent the time bonding. Lol.

I finished my application for UWM. Everything was due today. I'm very unsure of my chances. I did less than awesome on the MAT and right now, I'm just hoping that I get admitted on probation. I could live with that and definitely make up for it with my grades. All I need is a shot.

Overall, January passed with no real changes to our lives. I am looking forward to another month and am praying for a change in jobs.

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